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Most potential clients looking for a mobile DJ to entertain at their special event think the DJ's only role is to "spin music." There's a lot more behind the scenes.

If you are planning a wedding reception you want to look for the DJ who will help you plan the "flow" from the moment the guests arrive to the grand entrance of the Bride and Groom and all the way to the conclusion of the celebrations.

This requires constant communications with the DJ from the moment you book him to the day of the wedding. Do you need advice on planning the reception events and you don't have a wedding planner on your side? Don't worry. With more than 25 years of wedding DJ service to rely on, Tom Boné can quickly advise you on "what works" and "what doesn't work."

The preparation for wedding receptions includes an advance meeting with the bride to plan the event from start to finish. This is usually done at least a month in advance (because by then the bride and groom usually have their bridal party locked on, the venue selected and other last minute details in mind).

This is the same approach we take with Marine Corps Balls and Dining In's. These special occasions require plenty of "recon" and Tom's background as a retired First Sergeant in the Corps puts him in the unique position to have been an active participant in Marine Corps Balls for all 20 years of active duty. He has since added another 20 years of Marine Corps Ball participation as a DJ (serving an average of four to seven squadron or group balls per year). This experience has also included numerous Navy Birthday Balls and Navy Medical Corps/Nurse Corps functions.

The active duty military background served to inspire the Tunes On the Move (TOM) DJ Services methods of operation. Careful advance planning, reliable communications channels with the client and the all important "accomplish the mission" imperative.

Those simple goals apply to his handling of weddings, military events, school reunions, wedding anniversary parties and holiday parties.

No event is "routine."

All events are unique and deserve attention to detail in shaping the DJ services to your particular needs.


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